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Email Marketing

Email marketing remains one of the most useful tools for every size of business, whether you look at one-off communications to specific campaigns and regular newsletters.

Success relies on the your database, the creative content, the design and the timing.  More importantly, it relies on what people do after they have clicked thorough to your website.  It's not just about 'open rates' and 'click through's, it about creating an easy but effective entire journey to a sale or contact.

I can help you ensure that your email marketing is effective, compliant to the latest regulations and cost-efficient.


Social Media

Not sure if you should be on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, Pinterest or LinkedIn? 


I can help unmuddy the waters and create a new social media strategy for your company which integrates into your communication plans. We will define what success on social media means for you.

The benefits of social media are immense from extending your message far faster and far further than using just traditional marketing.  When linked with your content marketing calendars, it helps ensure every message about your business hits as many people in your ideal audience as possible.

Social media services include: account set-up, management and engagement, social listening, building followers, content creation, reporting and analysis.


The world of website marketing is constantly evolving, with new SEO techniques are being developed all the time in response to changes in search engine algorithms and other relevant factors.

Effective SEO is a very powerful tool in the hands of an experienced consultant and can make a huge difference to your company’s public profile,

It is for these reasons, I work only with experienced and expert SEO consultant freelancers.  These are known and well used experts who will offer your business an audit, ways to improve your current standing and support within a controlled budget.

Web design and development

I currently work with a number of web developers and designers.  We work with  your together to build a site to fit your business needs and resources. 

Developing a website is not a cheap thing!  If your budget is in the £100's, we suggest you look at DIY options, which can be very powerful and perfect for your business. 

However, if you want to invest in a website which truly meets your business objectives, then get in touch.

Paid Search

Online advertising allows you to target your audience in a very specific way, timed to take account of their platform and placement. 

Small businesses have historically been a little scared by online advertising.  Working with PCC specialists, we can remove that fear! 

Setting up your Pay Per Click accounts in the right way makes a huge difference when it comes to increasing sales.  Because we optimise your campaign and each set of ad groups, our targeting is on the ball as it needs to be.


When balanced with your SEO programme, your business is in a win-win situation. 

Content Creation

Content marketing is vital for any business who want to target and engage with your customers.

Most businesses understand that content marketing is the key area for their development, but struggle with the time and resource needed to consistently create new and engaging content.

This is where we can help!  As an experienced copywriter myself, I understand the need for content which meets SEO needs, is engaging and importantly encourages readers to take the next step.  However, I am also aware of the need to keep things fresh, so I work with a number of content creators who can drop in and out of projects to keep things energised and exci

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