Is your story strong enough?

To gain coverage in magazines, newspapers or online is a precious thing. However, you need to make sure your small business story is...

To blog or not to blog?

I think we have all asked ourselves should my business blog more often or is it even worth blogging? The answer of course is yes,...

Getting your business back on track.

As we move quietly back to our businesses and find a new way of working, you will need to explore different ways of promoting and marketing.

End your year on a PR high!

We’re nearing the end of 2019, so its only natural to think it’s time to wind down your business PR efforts. Why not end your year in style?

Making the most of August

If your inspiration has disappered to the beach and content is the last thing on your mind, these awareness days might give you a bit of foo

Christmas is just a jump away!

When sending Christmas Gift pitches, begin with larger national magazines before moving to local ones.

Positioning your PR pitch

Are you looking for ways to improve the effectiveness of your pitches to either your local or industry media? Our blog explains how

Marketing your new business

With a little bit of planning and creative thought, there a plenty of marketing tactics you can use for your small business.

Key signs your marketing needs help!

If I had a fiver for every time someone said to me that they had tried marketing and it did not work for their business, I would be...