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Marketing Strategy

How will you measure your success if you don't plan where you are going?

Your marketing strategy is the lynchpin that holds all your marketing activities and endeavours together.


Without knowing what you want your business to achieve and without a genuine understanding of your market or the resources that you have you can never really hope for your marketing to be successful.

I work with you to create a well thought out marketing strategy that identifies your customers, your competitors, your resources and your opportunities. This strategy forms the basis of your marketing planning.

Marketing Planning

Creating long term tactical marketing plans for  a better return on investment.

Marketing planning will go hand in hand with your marketing strategy.   Your strategy sets the direction for your business, whilst your marketing plan defines how you will deliver that strategy through tactical marketing activities.

Both your strategy and your plan are part of the same process and should be in place before your set out on your marketing activities.  Your marketing plan will set out the activities you intend to undertake in the short and long term, define how they will work together to achieve your objectives and deliver your strategy.

Marketing Campaigns

Marketing campaigns are usually built around an idea or concept or a need, such as launching a new product or service.


Successful campaigns are usually a combination of marketing activities which are integrated together.


These activities could include content creation for blogs, producing bespoke marketing materials, or media interaction.  They are likely to include some digital activities such as email marketing or social media activities.

Success lies in creating a coherent message and ensuring that all chosen activities contribute towards the objectives of the campaign.

Website design & development

Your website is undoubtedly your most important marketing asset. It is where your prospective customers will go to find out about about your business before they pick up the phone or email you. 

I work with a number of website developers and designers who can offer experts advice before you start your project.  They will be chosen to suit your business needs best, including your budget. 


Together we can develop a site which showcases your business to its best advantage, has great SEO and which is suited to your resources.

Digital marketing

As digital forms of communication continue to rise in importance, every business has to consider digital marketing as part of their overall strategy.

Activities we can help you with include:

- content creation for marketing

- search engine marketing (Google Adwords)

- email marketing (Mailchimp and the like)

- social marketing (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc)

- search engine optimisation (SEO)

- video marketing

- community marketing (forum)

Invariably and naturally, these activities form part of your marketing plan or individual campaigns. 

Design and Branding

If your business needs creative design for a new product or service, or you are looking for a re-brand, I work with a number of expert graphic designers who help create the perfect look for you.


If you need one-off design, or a run of materials for traditional or online campaigns, or if you require visual social media content, I know the right people to get you noticed.


Advertising is still an important marketing activity for businesses.  If you are looking to advertise your business or products locally, nationally or in trade or consumer outlets, I can help. 

For those keen on online advertising, I understand what is needed.  I work with pay per click freelance experts who have the know-how to ensure all the techy bits are right for your campaign and who deliver great returns!

Marketing Mentor

Some businesses want to retain a greater level of control than simply outsourcing all their marketing activities to a freelancer, or perhaps are just not yet at the stage when resources allow for extra assistance.


These businesses may be in early start-up stages, going through a growth phase or have a member of staff who just needs a little help to delivery arketing activities.  

I work closely with individuals or teams to show them how to become more marketing minded, create a marketing strategy and plan and create the campaigns to deliver it.


Every business is different so each programme is tailored to the needs of the business.


I have teamed up with a great group of people who have brought us fantastic results for clients, who, I have to admit were unsure about the benefits of telemarketing!  I am delighted to have proved them ever so slightly wrong!

If you are keen to test the water, please get in touch and we can work out a bespoke approach for your business.

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