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10 ideas to make the most of your content marketing

My quick list on how to make the most of your content!

· Change the look

Take an old blog and use it to create an infographic, podcast or slide show. Retell your story in a different form.

· Create your own series

Use your content and create your own series of ‘how to’ videos or podcasts. You will hit an audience who prefer to see or listen to their content.

Alternatively break up long content into shorter sections and create a written series of posts, such as 5 days of tips.

· Update

Go back to your past posts and see if you can add value to them for present users by adding updates. This post is one I regularly update as I find new resources.

· Rework the best

Take a look at Google Analytics and see which of your posts gets the most clicks or attention. Have a look at any of the associated feedback and see if you can use this feedback to add more value to your readers. Don’t forget to thank them!

· Create a ‘Part 2’

If you have content which you could expand upon, why not create a ‘Part 2’, or reflect upon what you have learnt since you posted the original post and share those thoughts.

· Reorganise your longer posts

Can you do more with longer posts? Can you craft them into your newsletters or into downloads for your email newsletters or lead generation advertising? Can they be split into mini posts for social media?

· Rework your post for media use

Again, can you rework any of your posts into a media pitch or a response to a media request? Can you reword it to offer it as a guest contribution?

· Google Trends

Have a look at Google Trends and see what are the hot subjects in your niche. Can you add any value to those looking to learn more about these subjects by reworking any of your posts?

· Create a ‘Do and Don’t’ list

If you have a theme which is particularly of interest to your audience, have a look at the posts and see if you can create a list of the best practices. Another good one for audience engagement as you can ask for their ideas.

· Feature your most popular posts

Compile your own ‘Best of’ list by featuring your most popular posts on your website or on social media.

Content creation is one of our specialities. Get in touch if you would like to know more about how we can help you make the most of your content plan.

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