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5 quick tips to boost your Christmas marketing.

The lights are up, the cards written, and the gifts wrapped! Really, you are way too organised!

In the real world, most people are still working and shopping right up until Christmas Eve, so its never too late to pull together some final Christmas promotions, whether your business is retail-based or service-based.

Reward your loyal customers

Customers that come back to you time after time will really appreciate a small reward. Offer your best customers an exclusive discount or offer and thank them for their custom. We all like to feel remembered!

Hold a competition

Hopefully you run these throughout the year, but Christmas offers a perfect opportunity to hold a clever contest to entertain your customers and engage with them. Really simple ideas, such as the worst Christmas jumper photo contest on your social media platforms can work brilliantly as can those which are little more creative.

Stocking Stuffers

Little gifts which would seem pointless during the rest of the year will brighten up your customer’s days over Christmas! They don’t have to be big or expensive. Don’t forget to sneak your logo on it somewhere!


Why not join forces with another company and promote their services with your own. Give a free gift or some form of advertising for the company you are collaborating with and have them do the same for you. You might find that people are more willing to pay attention to this dual approach as it does not feel as if they are being sold to quite so much.

Get in the mood

Nothing gets you more in the Christmas mood than the trees, decorations, music and sparkles! Absolutely imperative if you are a high-street retailer or have a customer facing business. Get your colleagues in the mood too and make sure you make people feel happy and welcome. If you are on an online retailer, you have so much at your disposal but just changing the headers on your social media or jazzing up your website will make a difference. For service companies, a decent tree with decorations, music and sparkles still make visiting customers feel special and give staff a boost.

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