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Building your brand for your business

Establishing a distinctive brand identity is paramount in the bustling business world, especially for small and growing enterprises. It's not just about creating a logo; it's about crafting a narrative or story that resonates with your audience, fosters their trust, and ultimately drives loyalty. 

Building a brand

Today, I'm sharing what I believe to be the most powerful points to help sharpen your brand's edge and make a lasting impact.

Establish your brand foundation

So much of what we do is online; even brick-and-mortar shops have had to evolve their brand strategies to include every digital opportunity that comes along. As such, your brand shows up more often and in more places. This means building a brand foundation is the number one investment you can make. It's also not something you can do once and leave alone; it will constantly evolve as your business and customer base evolve.

A brand foundation is not to be confused with a brand identity or logo. It's more about being crystal clear on what your brand stands for. So, for your first steps, you need to:

  • Define your mission, vision, values, and founding story.

  • Create a unique and compelling narrative that sets your brand apart.

  • Understand that building a brand foundation is an ongoing process.

Grow your business before outsourcing

There's a lot you can do to grow your brand before you need to start outsourcing, and it all begins with this all important brand foundation.

Next step is to move on to a brand audit. You can do this by looking at your website, social channels, and marketing materials. Consider them together and check if they are consistence in look and message. Focus on quality over quantity in your online presence, and make sure you utilise the various social media platforms strategically to reach the widest audience you can.

Harness the Power of Personal Branding

Human connection is at the core of a successful online presence, and building personal rapport with potential customers goes a long way. So, whether you are running a start-up or an established business, personal branding goes a long way.

Here are some key pointers to consider:

  • Are you highlighting your expertise and your unique perspective or talents within your industry?

  • Can you leverage your personal story to differentiate yourself from competitors?

  • Do you emphasise authenticity and human connection in your online interactions?

Become a partner rather than a seller!

Becoming a partner to your audience rather than just a vendor is so vital to today's most successful brands. How do they do this?

  • They offer relevant and valuable content to their target audience.

  • They create relevant, timely campaigns and initiatives that resonate with their customers.

  • Their focus is on building relationships rather than simply pushing sales.

Finally, make sure you build in time to conduct regular brand audits

  • Take time to reassess your business goals periodically.

  • Ensure that all efforts align with your brand's overarching objectives.

  • Utilise tools like a yearly brand audit checklist to stay on track and maintain a clear vision for your brand's future. You can download our free Brand Foundation Check list to help you out!

Blue Lizard Marketing - Brand Foundation Checklist
Download PDF • 462KB

In Conclusion

Building a successful and authentic brand requires dedication, strategy, and deep understanding from and of your audience. By investing in your brand foundation, cultivating organic growth, leveraging personal branding, providing value, collaborating authentically with influencers, and conducting regular brand audits, you can position your business for long-term success in today's competitive landscape. 

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