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Your business is never too boring or small for PR!

Are you running a small or growing business and wondering if PR is only for the flashy and glamorous brands? Think again! PR isn't just for those making headlines with big, showy launches. Even what some might label as 'boring or small' businesses can make a splash with the right PR strategy.

Here's why your 'boring or small' business isn't too small for PR:

Unveiling a fresh perspective or a captivating story can be the gateway for start-ups and smaller businesses to grab the attention of the media.

The secret lies in unearthing a story or angle that will set your business apart. This angle doesn't have to encapsulate your entire business. Once you've pinpointed your unique story there are various PR strategies that can be employed to spread the word.

So how do you start:

Firstly, ask yourself – “If I was my target audience, how would this story impact or interest me.”

If your answer is yes, then think creatively about how you will tell your story: Go beyond the conventional press release. Find an attention-grabbing way to share your news. This could involve thinking through various pitch angles, and a skilled PR bod can help you out by ask you insightful questions and pushing you to explore these angles and help you by conjuring up imaginative ideas to share with the media. They might suggest angles you haven't considered that seamlessly intertwine key brand messaging about you and your business.

Here’s what I consider to be newsworthy hooks for your small business story.

  • Successful funding rounds or support from a local business organisation, such as your local council or grant funders

  • New strategic partnerships

  • Changes to your senior team – new CEO, CFO or similar

  • New service launch

  • New product launch

  • Reaching milestones – a business anniversary, a solid number of customers, a business award or two.

  • Support of a local charity

  • New business practices – maybe you’ve embraced the four-day week!

Less exciting are:

  • New website launches

  • Event attendance or speaker engagements

  • Customer reviews

  • Team events

Although, these are fabulous to share on your social media platforms and blog, so don’t ignore them!

As you can see, it isn’t just Disney or Apple that can gain the media’s attention!

Size isn't the defining factor in being newsworthy. In reality, solo entrepreneurs and small businesses often possess some of the most captivating expertise to share with the world. The trick lies in understanding how to present your knowledge in an engaging manner and sharing the content which your target media and their readers are interested in.

So, absolutely no business is dull when it comes to public relations. It's all about discovering what's fascinating and compelling about your company, product, or service and then sharing that tale with the media. Once identified, we can craft an attention-grabbing pitch and secure media coverage in prominent publications.

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