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Power of PR for Small Businesses: Your Guide to Success

In our super busy world of small business ownerships, we often witness other business owners and entrepreneurs basking in the spotlight of great media coverage. Have you ever wondered how they managed to achieve such favourable publicity? It's invariable not just luck, but rather the result of proactive public relations work they use as part of their content marketing strategy.

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What is Small Business PR, and Why Do You Need It?

PR isn't just about polishing your image—it's about embedding, protecting, and strengthening your reputation with those who matter most: your customers, investors, staff, partners, regulators, and even competitors. It's about ensuring that positive messages about your business resonate out in the wider world and beyond your immediate circle.

For small businesses, PR is the secret sauce that sets you apart from the competition. It's about having your quality reputation talked about by someone other than yourself, lending third-party credibility to your brand and building trust with your key stakeholders. It's what we know as 'earned' media - earned content is earned on merit

because of its relevance and value to audiences. It’s also distinguishable by the fact it’s never paid for.

There's a great podcast here from the CIPR team about how earned media differs from other types of promotion.

Choosing the Right Platforms for Small Business PR

While traditional media like newspapers is facing its challenges, there's still immense value in leveraging them for PR. However, it's essential to explore other platforms, too:

Press: Daily, weekly, local or national press coverage can be invaluable. Be mindful of their deadlines and ensure you provide all necessary information upfront.

Radio: With access to substantial audiences, radio offers a reactive medium where your availability is critical to your success. Be ready to go live!

TV: While sometimes slower to respond, TV provides high impact and broad exposure, but sometimes can requiring advance planning.

Specialist Media: Don't overlook industry-specific or trade publications—they can significantly enhance your reputation within target markets. You could also add to this section, taking part in industry podcasts or vlogs.

Crafting Compelling News Stories

So, what constitutes news? Understanding this is crucial for successful PR. News typically falls into a few categories:

Events: What can you make happen that will get your business noticed?

Human Interest: People are interested in people—share interesting backstories or stories from your team, users or customers.

The Unusual: Anything out of the ordinary tends to be newsworthy. Find ways to stand out.

Topicality: Capitalise on current events or seasonal themes relevant to your business.

The golden rule? Ensure your story is relevant and answers the "Why should I care?" question.

Generating Story Ideas

PR is a creative thing! You will need to constantly seek opportunities and share achievements, whether it's award wins or new partnerships. You might want to look at significant milestones, survey data, and times when your business supports charitable initiatives—can all spark compelling stories.

Pitching Your Ideas Successfully

Even the best story can fail if not presented correctly. Traditionally, press releases have been the go-to method, but ensure they're concise, attention-grabbing, and easy to digest. Build relationships with journalists and consider expert PR agencies for support.

Check out this post blog where we look at some quick ways you can gain better success rates.

Beyond Traditional PR: Leveraging Your Channels

Don't limit PR to traditional media. Regular blogs, free reports, and positive customer feedback—all contribute to enhancing your reputation. And don't underestimate the power of social media and the wider digital arena in amplifying your message and engaging with journalists.

Enhance Your Marketing Strategy

PR is just one piece of the puzzle. At Blue Lizard Marketing, my fellow freelancers and I work hard to craft comprehensive marketing strategies tailored to your specific needs. From press releases to broader marketing initiatives, we're here to elevate your business profile.

Ready to maximize your PR opportunities and boost your business exposure? Contact our friendly team today to kickstart your journey to greater visibility and success!

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